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AyaZen Lavender Eye Pillow

Relax with our soothing Silk Lavender Eye Pillows containing lavender and organic flax seed. Ideal for relieving headaches, tension, migraines, meditation, yoga sessions, to block the light out for day...

On Sale $ 13.95
Regular Price:$ 19.95

AyaZen Lavender Spa Gift Set

Luxurious Lavender Aromatherapy Spa Gift Set-Give The Gift Of Relaxation By AyaZen Relax-Renew-Revive Enjoy the relaxing aromatherapy of Lavender. Your spa items are premium, full size & all handmade in...

On Sale $ 39.95
Regular Price:$ 59.95

Chakra Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet

When we have balanced Chakras the energy is able to flow through our bodies inviting positive results in our mind and body. Clearing the energy can help balance our emotional...

On Sale from $ 7.75
Regular Price:$ 15.95

Necklace Flower Essential Oil Diffuser With 5 Pads

Limited Time Sale! Free Shipping Buy More & Save! Beautiful Essential Oil Necklace Diffuser This necklace comes with 5 felt pads. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil...

On Sale $ 7.95
Regular Price:$ 24.95

AyaZen Dry Body & Face Brush

AyaZen Dry Body Brush and Dry Face Brush Dry Skin Brushing is an Ancient Practice that is being used today! Dry Brushing will help improve your overall health. Included is...

On Sale $ 9.95
Regular Price:$ 19.95

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